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Inspirational Furniture. Made in England, Made for Ever.

Custom made and built to last, Indy Furniture manufactures high-end industrial functional design adapted for modern living. Our industrial aesthetic is derived from the very best of vintage American to create artisan British modern industrial furniture.

Manufactured in Bath, in the UK, the Indy product range is unique in versatility and finely skilled craftsmanship. Made-to-order for both the commercial and residential markets, these robust designs are engineered for generations.

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Indy Swing Arm Stool Table Indy Table Thin Indy Custom Table in Black Indy Conference Table

Indy Swing Arm Stool Tables available to order now!

14th Oct, 2016

Our Swing Arm Stool Tables are fully customisable. We can now supply these tables with any number of stools attached, built to any length at dining table (30") and counter...

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Indy Swing Arm Stool Table